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Content is King!

Content is Still KingThis has been the mantra of people and myself for many years, and while the kind of content, the media of the content may have changed: Content is Still King. This is true when it comes to SEO… to establishing your brand… to building your marketing strategy – Content is Still King.

Jessica Foster, in her article: Beyond Keywords: What really matters in SEO content, goes deep into what content, good high-quality content looks like today both from the UX (User Experience) and from the SEO side of the keyboard. Her main premise is that we have to step out of the mode of just researching keywords, we have to write high-quality, relative content as well.

Jessica Foster’s article is fantastic, GO READ IT! Below are her points and I am going to add some food for thought to them.

  1. Keyword research, the right way – Do your keyword research. Make sure that your keywords fit with your SEO strategy and that your new content fits with your SEO strategy. I always point out to people, when I am talking about content, that they need to look outside of the box as well. Think about how you would search for your business. Ask you customers how they searched for and found you online. Dig into Long Tail Search Terms and get ideas from that.
  2. Content is Still KingGet Organized – Foster is a fan of the outline. I am too. Get a white board and start doodling. Keep a notebook handy wen you are in meetings with co-workers. However you like to track your thoughts, track them. No topic is stupid as long as it is on-brand and in-industry. Another rule of thumb is that when you are writing your content, if you didn’t come up with another five topics to flesh out – you didn’t write well enough. Content does not end.
  3. On-Brand is your best friend – And in-industry is the phrase that pays. If the topic of your content is in-industry it is not off limits. Create written content is not hard if you find someone in your business that is passionate. But stay on-topic. An article about how much Valentine’s Day means to you is nice, but it is not going to get you any juice is you sell pulp-wood for a living.
  4. Integrity & authenticity matter – Be honest, do your research and be real. Most of all, be real!
  5. Know your target audience – Who is your customer? Who is searching for you? How are they finding you? These question lead you to your keywords. Those keywords take you to your content. That content is how your customers find you on line.
  6. Micro-engagement makes the difference – This is such a huge part of modern content creation. And something that I have to work on as well. Break up your content with pictures, videos, animated gifs, infographics. Make your words count but give the folks something to look at as well.
  7. Content “freshness” and competitive analysis where it counts – New content and good content. What are your competitors doing? Do it better. See what you can do to set yourself and your website apart and dig into it. Are you keep a journal handy for those ideas?
  8. Data is everything – Get some SEO tools, start digging into what the data is telling you your content should be focused around. Then get to producing content.