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Popular Science WordPress Essentials Lifetime BundleWordPress drives about half the internet as of this article. Something different always comes along but for now, WordPress has a really good foothold on the market. WordPress is my preferred CMS for a content based site so when I see good course work on building WordPress sites roll across my feed, I like to share it. Here is what I saw the other day:¬†Popular Science WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle. Yup, Popular Science is digging into WordPress and giving you the basics in a bundle that costs less than 20 bucks. Let’s Look at what it offers:

  • Popular Science WordPress Essentials Lifetime BundleWordPress Course – “In this hands-on course, you’ll follow along with the instructor as you build an actual website. By course’s end, you’ll have a firm understanding of WordPress, and a fully-functional site.”
  • Effective Copywriting – “Copywriting is an essential component to building a brand. Many businesses may outsource their copy to ad agencies, but if you’re small and growing, this may not be such a cost-effective measure. A better option would be handling your copy needs in-house, and this is the foundational course to start you off on the right foot. If you’re looking to take on copywriting as a career, this course will make sure you the skills to succeed. With an all-encompassing examination of what makes good copy and exercises to help you practice, you’ll soon be getting any brand the attention it deserves.”
  • Basic Programming for Marketers – “The marketing world is becoming more and more digital, making it important for marketers to keep up with digital and programming trends. This course will put you on even footing the next time you talk with a developer, understanding how web tech works and how digital marketing processes can reasonably be achieved. If you work or are aspiring to work in marketing, this course will put you one step ahead.”
  • Introduction to Web Development – “Not quite sure how websites actually¬†work? You’re not alone. This course, however, will show you the basic building blocks of websites and how they work. You’ll come to grips with the two most fundamental web development languages, HTML and CSS, and learn basic design and build principals. You’ll even learn how to host and run your own site. If you’re curious to know more about web development, here’s where to start.”

I will be honest, even though I have been using WordPress for a long time now, I am very tempted by this course. The price point is right and it gives a lot of good overview to get someone up and going with WordPress quickly.

Great job Popular Science!