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Search Engines Ranked by Usage 2018Below is a list of Search Engines Ranked by Usage 2018. I put this together because this was a little more difficult to find then I thought it would be. I am also going to give a brief description of the Search Engine and a link to it in case you want to go investigate on your own. In the list below, you will have the name of the search engine (with its url), the percentage of market share, and then a brief explanation of the search engine.

  1. Google – 72.47% – I don’t think I need to explain this one. The 72% market share is the main reason that most people only worry about Google when they are working on their SEO.
  2. Baidu – 13.47% – 2nd largest search engine int he world and the main search engine in China. Having the government of the most populous country in the world puts you double digits.
  3. Bing – 7.64% – Microsoft’s Google killer. It becomes a little more popular at times but it has never had the pull of Google. If you are looking for the 2nd search engine to optimize for, this is it.
  4. Yahoo! – 4.74% – This was once the big-daddy in the world of search. If you started using the web in its infancy, you probably were a Yahoo person at some point. At almost 5% of the searches online, they are still a huge company but they are not the player in search that they used to be.
  5. yandex logoYandex – 0.86% – Largest search engine in Russia. The big plus for them is that they work better with the Russian language then Google and its other competitors.
  6. Ask – 0.30% – Great domain name. This was my go-to for a long time. Much like Yahoo it has been in a downward spiral as far as usage goes for a while.
  7. DuckDuckGo – 0.22% – Looking for a US based search provider that delivers the same results to everyone and does not profile its users, DuckDuckGo is your new friend.
  8. Naver – 0.12% – Largest search engine in South Korea
  9. AOL – 0.05% – What?!? Really?!? No offense to anyone but this always surprises me.
  10. dogpile logoDogpile – 0.04% – Man I loved DogPile back int he day. I still like the domain name and the logo.
  11. Excite – 0.02% – Another blast from the past.
  12. Daum – 0.01% – Another large South Korean search engine.
  13. Seznam – 0.01% – Translated to directory in English, Seznam is one of the preferred search engines in the Czech Republic.
  14. Goo – 0.01% – Powered by Google, Goo is a web portal in Japan.
  15. Rambler – 0.01% – One of the largest web portals in Russia.
  16. Qwant – 0.01% – Founded in Paris, Qwant is a search engine for the security conscious. This search engine processes well over 10 million search requests per day and over 50 million individual users a month worldwide all the while not tracking its users at all.
  17. Search – <0.01% – You would think would be number one. You would think that just because of the power of the URL it would have bigger reach. Not as much as you would think.
  18. biglobe logoBiglobe – <0.01% – Another Japanese based search engine and portal. It is one of the largest ISPs in Japan as well.
  19. WebDE – <0.01% – German based search engine.
  20. ilse – <0.01% – Scandanavian search engine.
  21. Earthlink – <0.01% – I think I was a subscriber back int he late 90s.
  22. Lycos – <0.01% – I always liked Lycos over Yahoo.
  23. EntireWeb – <0.01% – No frills search engine. Looks nice, literally never heard of it until I started writing this article.

The info for the statistics above was provided by Net Market Share.