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SEO - WTF - Why?There are a lot of great SEo plugins for WordPress. If you are going to run your own site, if you are going to take control of the digital identity of your business, you are going to have to learn a little bit about SEO and these tools make it much easier.

There is a great article that digs into a few other plugins by Guy Sheetrit on the website called Top WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO in 2018. Sheetrit is much more in depth then I am and he hits a few plugins that I have not used personally. Give his article a read.

  • SEO Plugins for WordPressYoast – This is always my first pick for working with SEO on a new site. Toast is easy to understand and if you are training new people to work in WordPress, it is very easy to teach to use Yoast in a matter of minutes. Yoast, on a page or post, uses a traffic light system to let you know if you content is ready to go or not. Keep fixing the suggested items or the critical items to get that light green and your content is ready to publish. Also includes a readability monitor. All of that is in the free version!
  • All in One SEO Pack – All in One SEO Pack is a great, out of the box SEO solution for WordPress. It starts working from the install and even if you are new to the concepts in SEO you will find it easy to use and navigate through. One of the pieces that I like best about All in One SEo Pack is the fact that submits your sitemap to Google and Bing easily and will push changes to your content to search engines as well.
  • Premium SEO Pack – Much like Yoast, Premium SEO Pack allows you to handle the meta content, social media snippets and much more easily and fluidly. Twitter card codes are built in and it includes a 404 monitor as well. Premium SEO Pack also works with WooCommerce.