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I have fallen in love with the term Side Hustle. I have always liked the idea of having some other gig on the side (paying gig or just a bit of creativity) that gives me something else to do. But how do you turn turn the┬áSide Hustle to a Full Time Gig. I recently read an article on Thrive Global by Nicolas Cole called “5 Ways to Make Your Side Hustle Your Main Gig,” spend some time reading the original please. Right now I want to give you my impression of it and how I have used those ideas in te past.

  1. Side Hustle to a Full Time GigLearn how to make time, even if you don’t have time. – You have time. Really, you do. It seems like you don’t, it seems like there are not enough hours in the day but you waste a lot more time then you think. As Cole points out in his article, sometimes it is about priorities. It is about making the time now so that you can have the time later.
  2. Only take on projects worth your time. – Figure out what is worth your time and do it. Whether it is a straight paying side gig or learning a concept or skill so that it can be your concept, only dive into those projects that are really worth it.
  3. Simplicity is velocity. Don’t try to get into every aspect of your side hustle. Branching out sounds like a good idea but you need to get good at that one aspect of your side business and become great at it. The first blog that I started was about Renaissance Festivals. I decided to blog everyday for a year. Rain or shine sunrise or sunset, didn’t matter I was going to write one well crafted article everyday. Over time I got really good at stringing a few words together. Develop those skills that will make you successful.
  4. Collaborate with other side-hustlers. In our online world, there are so many ways to connect with other people that it is a bit ridiculous that we don’t do it more. How often do you go to Facebook to find out something from a friend or someone in your community. How often do you go to LinkedIn to ask for advise. Same thing for your side gig. Find a meetup in your area that meets your interest. Get out of your comfort zone and go hang out with other people working toward making their side hustle a full-time thing.
  5. Save everything you make, so that you can eventually take the leap. This one has always been the hard one for me. Here is the concept though. Start that side gig -> save the extra cash you make -> invest that cash into your side hustle -> make that side gig your ONLY gig.