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Social Media MonitoringHere is a new concept that sounds simple once you understand it. Social Media Monitoring. Now we will dig into other internet monitoring concepts later but Social Media Monitoring is its own specific idea. So what does it mean.

Simplified,┬áSocial Media Monitoring is listening to social media channels, seeing what is being said about your brand, and more importantly, seeing what is being said about your industry by your customers. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. The hard part is that finding what you want out of the various social networks takes different levels of work.

With Twitter… easy as it can be.

With Facebook it can be hit or miss.

With Instagram… I just don’t know.

Social Media MonitoringWe will dig into tools to make this easier and ways to perform social monitoring as easily as possible at a later time. But let’s talk about the reasons to do this kind of work and what you do when you get the info.

  1. Brand Awareness – When you find a mention about your company online, act on it. Say thank you. Like the post. Get involved in the conversation and be gracious. This is a conversation that you can get involved in and it is basically free advertising.
  2. Customer Service – The other side of this is if a customers posts something negative. This is going to happen. All of your customer service interactions are not going to be perfect. Again, get ahead of them and open up that line of communication. This is about a second chance to make a customer happy. Change that customers view of your company or your products.
  3. New Customer Acquisition – Here is the biggie. Start stalking your product or service or area of the country in social media networks. Get involved int he conversation. Here is the difficult part: “STOP SELLING!” When you are involved in someone else’s conversation, be the spectator. Like the post. Ask questions. Answer questions. Don’t shout “hey, I have a product for that!” Ask what they are doing with the product. Make the person that started the conversation the star.

All Social Media Monitoring is, is good karma and it will come back to you.