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Squarespace and SEOIf you are looking for a web-based solution for hosting, drag and drop web building, and lots of tools for building a vivacious and easily maintained site, you could do a lot worse than using Squarespace. Their web builder, templates and hosting allow you the ability to get creative and get online quickly and painlessly. But let’s look at Squarespace and SEO – what do they offer when it comes to customizing your SEO and making it work for your business or organization.

Squarespace has a wonderful article covering all of this info in depth, go take a look if you are looking to learn more: What Squarespace does for SEO.

  • Site Map – This is my favorite! Squarespace builds a proper, xml sitemap. It maps every URL and image metadata for you. This is going to save you a lot of time and effort.
  • SSL Certificates – Google has already announced that sites using SSL are going to get a boost. Squarespace has th SSL available for every domain you own.
  • Clean HTML Markup – Google loves clean HTML and CSS even more than me. Squarespace writes good code. Especially if you are not a coder or if you are and realize that your time is better spent else where, let Squarespace do that work for you.
  • Automatic Tagging – Squarespace tags all your images and RSS feeds for you. Again this is a time saver and HUGE for SEO.
  • Clean URLs – To make this easier: these are readable URLs. Not a lot of nesting and indexing with Google is much easier and more efficient.
  • Automatic Redirects – If you have ever had to fool with and HTC Access file to handle redirects or a piece of third party software to make everything work correctly, then you know how much of a lifesaver automatic redirects being created can be.
  • Search Engine and Page Descriptions – Meta descriptions. Plan and simple. Easy to use while creating content.
  • AMP – I sized down version of your site that is mobile friendly – Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Google Rich Image Search for Products – Rich content, which google loves, for products. This will really help your products, if you are running an eCom site, to stand out.
  • Built-in Mobile Optimization -Squarespace uses the Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to ensure that all of their current templates comply with Google’s Mobile Only ideals.
  • Google Search Keyword Analytics – Built in Keyword Analysis for your site so that you can see what searches are getting people to your site. When you figure out where your traffic is coming from keep writing that content.

Squarespace and SEO