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Top 5 Reasons I Love Elegant ThemesIf you decide to dig into WordPress at some point you are going to want to branch out further than the themes that come with WordPress “Out of the Box.” Those themes are good and full featured and they work but you might want to step up your game at some point. The system that we went with here at Splash Media Worx is Elegant Themes. Here are the Top 5 Reasons I Love Elegant Themes and why we bought a lifetime subscription.

  1. Huge selection of Themes – They have a tremendous selection of themes. You can sort their themes by the look, feel, and purpose of the site you are building. From traditional blog style websites to eCommerce, Elegant Themes has a little bit of everything when it comes to themes. All of their themes are fully functional, up to date, and ready to give you the freedom to start building.
  2. Tremendous Support – I have NEVER dealt with a company that gives you the kind of support that Elegant Themes provides. You have a questions, a concern, whatever – they respond quick and get you back up and running. This is also true if you need a little help pulling off the functionality that you need. They will reply back with the change tot he CSS or code to get you running (within reason).
  3. Regular Updates – New WordPress release – New Elegant Themes update. Security patch – ET Update. They are on top of it.
  4. Their blog is AMAZING – Daily blog posts. There is not an email newsletter that I get that I read from front to back nearly as readily as I do the one from ET.
  5. Divi – This is my jam! Divi is a fully functional, fully customize-able, and full featured theme. It allow syou to build either traditionally or visually. You can literally edit as you will see the layout on the page when it is live!

I could probably just keep going with more and more points, but I think you get the drift.  Go check them out and look at their pricing it is very affordable and when you look at all you get out of it… WOW.