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The online directory is not dead. You may have heard rumors to the contrary but trust they are still alive and kicking. Besides being one of the fastest ways that people find local businesses, they also provide tremendous backlinks to some of the largest authority site son the web. And backlinks are great for your SEO and drive a lot of Google’s algorithms. Here are the Top 6 Directories to List Your Local Business On.

  1. YelpTop 6 Directories to List Your Local Business On – This is a biggie. Especially since they moved away from their restaurant only nature, they are now a huge, user generated directory of everything good and interesting in and around any city in the US and abroad in some cases. Free to list, cheap to advertise on, Yelp is a must. There is no reason not to get involved with Yelp. Especially in more Urban situations, they are a go to for a lot of people.
  2. Tripadvisor – Having worked in the vacation rental industry and the tourism industry for  along time, I have  alove hate relationship with TripAdvisor. They provide a lot of good information but the user generated aspect means that it is pretty easy to manipulate and it does become cumbersome to deal with at times. That being said, take advantage and control of your listing on TripAdvisor.
  3. MapQuest – Not just for directions. Google Maps wil have your business listed if you have a Google+/Google Business account Map Quest wants you to sign up separately.
  4. – A good directory and an even better domain name. I don’t know what the return is on is but seeing as it is free there is no reason not to go for it.
  5. Facebook – Seems stupid to add to the list but guess what? People really seem to like this Facebook thing – lol. All kidding aside, Facebook allows you to have an ongoing conversation with your customers, works like a local directory, and all of this costs you only a little bit of time. DO NOT leave Facebook out of your marketing strategy.


  • Google+ – I know, I know. Google+ never took off. And you are right. But here is the hook. Google+ is one of the easiest ways to handle your Google business account in a very social media fashion. Again, free and easy – why not take advantage of Uncle Google generosity.