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Business to Community put out a great infographic about Voice Search and the Future of Marketing or at least how it will affect the future… and the now of online marketing. I have included their infographic and you can see the whole article here.

Voice Search and the Future of MarketingInfographic Deep Dive & High Points:

  • The stats in the infographic from Business 2 Community focus on what the trends say will happen by 2020.
  • 50% of searches will use voice search, This should really be no surprise with the introduction of tools like Alexa into households allover the country and the world, I would be surprised if this wasn’t a little low by 2020.
  • 30% of searches done without a screen – again we are referring to Alexa style devices and of course whatever the rest of 2018 and 2019 have in store for us, technology-wise.
  • 40% of adults using voice search at least once per day. I am already to that point. I would guess that I will just stop typing all-together by 2020.
  • More than have the population will come to realize that voice search is faster and that it makes using a smartphone easier. Add to that the fact that the UX is only going to keep getting better and voice is going to be more and more intuitive as well.
  • Here was one of the big take-away’s and a percentage of the population that I could fall in line with – 21% of the population don’t like typing on their mobile devices. I am in this demographic for sure.
  • Because of the way that voice search works, searching is going to be inherently more local. As we move forward, those voice searches, because of the long-tail nature of voice search, are going to become increasingly more local.
  • Men under 24 are going to be the biggest users of smart phone voice search. That being said, I believe you will see that start to skew older and more feminine over time. Again, long tail searches, one of the types of searches that Google likes and tracks is the backbone of voice search, Voice search is long tail.
  • We see from the infographic that people use voice search in almost every situation in life. And from the next section that the largest percentage of people feel very neutral when it comes to their satisfaction with voice search. Expect this to get better. Expect the uses of voice search to increase and that the satisfaction with the voice search experience will also get better over time.
  • The biggest change with voice search is going to be the way that people look for product and services online. Instead of a simple text search, people are going to ask questions in sentence form. That is going to change how we handle SEO and marketing.