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Content is a terrifying thing to most people. Somewhere between the time, the volume of content and the idea of a completely unique way of marketing – people lose their minds.¬†What Scares You Most About Making Content? Is it the actual, pen to paper, writing? Is it the production time that goes into video or audio? Or is it simply the amount of content that people are going to tell you to produce? Let’s break some of these concepts down:

What Scares You Most About Making ContentTime

Content does take time. There is no other way to put it. Time is money and content is most definitely time. That being said, content and the increase in organic traffic that you will see from that time spent making content. Organic traffic is cheap. Organic traffic pays off and it is the easiest way to get ahead of your competitors based on ROI that you will ever find when it comes to marketing online.


Tens, hundreds, thousands of pieces of content. Not kidding – hundreds of pieces of content. You can reuse some. Articles can go to social media. Social media posts can get re-posted on your site. Content comes in many and varied forms and it is all valuable. Don’t get nervous thinking about the volume of content. Start small and start with the things you are good at, whether that is written, audio, or video content – your choice. Having a working knowledge or some tools to help with SEO when you start making content will help make this content more effective.

What scares you most about making contentWriting

This is by far my favorite form of content. For me this is the easiest to produce as well. For most people this is the concept that scares the crap out of them. People would rather spend thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click ads then put pen to paper. There are other ways to get written content though:

  • Customer testimonies
  • Customer reviews
  • Insider vocabulary

Anything you find interesting about your industry, your customers will too and they might be typing those concepts into a search engine. Use that knowledge of your market to your advantage.

What scares you most about making contentVideo

Video is now easier to produce than it ever has been. Whip out that smart phone and start recording. It might not be Oscar-worthy when you start but remember that all you have to do is delete it and start over. If you run a wood working shop, show the process of making one of your products. Don’t give away trade secrets but show the process. Post that online and on your website – that is high quality content that people will share around.

By a flexible tripod for your phone or camera and don’t be afraid to get on screen. Talk, laugh, speak to your customers. This kind of content becomes interesting and shows results quick.

What scares you most about making contentAudio

All of my friends knew that this would make the list from me as well. Podcasting is a real thing. It is a real easy thing to get involved in. If you don’t feel that you can run one yourself, find someone local that is podcasting and see if you can get interviewed on their show. See if their is a podcast for your industry. If there is, reach out and see if you can do an interview. There are so many podcasts out there that this is a good avenue and one to explore. Don’t make this your first stop but make it a stop.